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Ventura Howie

Producer, Bass, Vocals, Arranger.

Ventura Howie is a Brazilian based musician who has been working in the music industry as a composer/arranger and producer. His prior experience in this field and the skill set he possesses, has made him a renowned celebrity in the music world. Since the days of his childhood, Ventura had a knack for music and as he grew up, he developed a great deal of interest in it and eventually decided to pursue it as a career. He kicked-off his career with solo ventures but later he began collaborating with local and international composers across the globe. His professional career gained new heights as he began theatrical performances and played music for multiple radio stations across Europe.
With his sublime music content, Ventura Howie has managed to gain an enormous fan following from everywhere in the world. He formed several bands, where he performed as bass player and main composer and arranger. To further strengthen his expertise as a musician, Ventura has successfully completed courses in composition and arrangement. If just for a brief moment, he can touch your emotions, his mission will be accomplished, but his music has the artistic tendency to communicate and bring something good into people's lives. During his leisure time, he enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and going to cinema, art exhibitions and shows.

 Hi!!yyour music is absolutely awesome and reflects my mood for today. i will follow your updates here and share your stuff as often as i can..all the best!! (Cornell - U.K. - Gateshead) 

Cornell - U.K. - Gateshead

 honestly you are amazing, your music is amazing, had to come here to write this. I've already shared your page on my twitter! (Leslie - Australia - Burwood) 

Leslie - Australia - Burwood

 Hi! I just stopped to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we(fans) want to play over and over. Iwish you a happy halloween, in any way you celebrate (or not celebrate it) (Mollie -Canada Prince Edward Island Morell) 

Mollie -Canada Prince Edward Island Morell

 Listening to your music is very exciting! I'd recommend it to anyone. (Irma - United States - Michigan - Grand Rapids) 

Irma - United States - Michigan - Grand Rapids

 WOW! I fell in love with your music after listening to your song Times! ! Sorry, that's sorta corny, but it's how I feel. I'm ur fan. I just forwarded your link to several friends. Will be buying your album. Keep it up, you have wonderful talent...good luck ( Karen - USA - Tenesse _ Nashville ) 

Karen - USA - Tenesse _ Nashville

 Hello, am lovin' the tunes. Keep on doing your thing and happy new year. ( Everette - U.K. - Salford) 

Everette - U.K. - Salford
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